Dr. Yassin Hall

Yassin Hall survived a heartbreaking history of abuse and bullying.

Deprived of the joys of childhood, the mistreatment she endured at the hands of her schizophrenic mother and her small community drove the teen to horrific self-harm. But guided by the faith and love of her grandmother and uncle, Hall embarked on a lifelong exploration of healing and acceptance.

Certified Mental Health Advocate and motivational speaker Yassin S. Hall has experienced firsthand the devastating impact of untreated neurosis.

On her cross-country mission to raise awareness for psychological wellness, she reaches out to family members struggling to cope with their loved one’s debilitating symptoms. Strengthened by her life story, she has encouraged countless people to undertake the path to positive recovery.

Through Hall’s tragedies and triumphs, you too can find the motivation to overcome any obstacle in your pursuit of a fulfilling, healthy lifestyle.

Journey Untold - Twisted Love is a candid and powerful memoir about recovering from mental health disorders. If you like unflinching personal stories, expert insight, and hope for a better future, then you’ll adore Yassin S. Hall’s inspirational book.

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